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Founder Uta Preston details her company’s leading approach to sustainability

LOS ANGELES—It’s popular to call a brand sustainable and organic, but many who do are not 100% telling the truth. Organic-based or mostly-sustainable brands are able to promote themselves in a glowing light when in reality their products are failing to meet the highest standards. Uta Preston, founder and CEO of children’s brand Little Fishkopp, left corporate life and put her experience and multiple master’s degrees to work. Only the most rigorous criteria are acceptable, she says.

“Our children deserve garments that are safe, sustainable and entirely organic,” said Preston. “Little Fishkopp not only is better for our children, it is better for our planet.”

For starters, Little Fishkopp is dedicated to producing garments made out of certified organic cotton. It’s not the easiest sourcing choice, and it’s more costly, but Preston believes it’s worth it. Growing organic cotton minimizes the impact on the environment and promotes sustainable farming by eliminating the need for most agricultural chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. This helps maintain healthy soil, air and water. It also helps maintain healthy people and communities.

Organic farming protects growers from harmful chemicals, and organic cotton results in clean, soft, and non-allergenic fabrics that are better for skin, especially sensitive baby skin.  

“We hope that our products inspire you to help us spread the word about the benefits of organic cotton. Small actions by each one of us can add up to a big impact on the planet,” added Preston.

All of Little Fishkopp products carry the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. GOTS is recognized as the world's leading standard for organic textiles. GOTS certification requires compliance with social criteria regarding employment and working conditions. For example, Little Fishkopp’s signature products are sleep bags which have organic cotton filling where other companies use polyester. 

Products that are GOTS certified adhere to rigorous environmental criteria along the entire textile supply chain. This means that in addition to being made from 100% organic cotton with eco-friendly dyes and inks, Little Fishkopp’s products are free of harmful substances such as lead, nickel and phthalates.


About LittleFishkopp

Little Fishkopp was born of its founder Uta Preston’s love for Nordic style and German quality. Preston founded the children’s wear company after leaving corporate life to start a family. The company started with the traditional sleep bags for young ones, and has expanded into a wider-range apparel company. The Los Angeles-based apparel company adheres to the most stringent organic and quality standards.