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Warmer sleep bags for cooler weather by Little Fishkopp

Children’s brand Little Fishkopp founder Uta Preston introduces warmer sleep bags for cooler weather as fall and winter approach us

LOS ANGELES—Uta Preston, founder of children’s brand Little Fishkopp is introducing warmer sleep bags for cooler weather as fall rolls in and winter approaches. 

“Sleep bags are essential to quality sleep for our little ones, and for us parents too,” added Preston. “Little Fishkopp is offering warmer options for these cooler days upon us.”

Little Fishkopp is certified under the strictest industry standards because of Preston’s dedication to building a conscious, forward-thinking brand. The children’s apparel brand features sleep bags, blankets and other clothing, and is inspired by Preston’s love of Nordic style and German quality. 

“Our products are sustainable and organic, and live up to the toughest industry standards for certification,” said Preston. “As we head into the holidays, I want to make sure parents know there are options for their children to get warm, comfortable rest while staying safe. As temperatures drop, parents are often tempted to use loose blankets to keep their little ones warm. However, these are a big safety concern because of the suffocation risk. Sleep bags solve this problem and give parents peace of mind.”

All of Little Fishkopp products carry the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. GOTS is recognized as the world's leading standard for organic textiles. Products that are GOTS certified adhere to rigorous environmental criteria along the entire textile supply chain. This means that in addition to being made from 100% organic cotton with eco-friendly dyes and inks, Little Fishkopp’s products are free of harmful substances such as lead, nickel and phthalates. 

Furthermore, GOTS certification requires compliance with social criteria regarding employment and working conditions, so Little Fishkopp’s products promote sustainability for people, as well as the planet. Last but not least, Little Fishkopp tries to be a green company in all regards including its use of sustainable packaging such as compostable mailers.

“The holidays are always a busy time for us as parents. But the pandemic has shifted people’s priorities. People are increasingly pursuing value-based shopping and choosing brands they feel can make a difference,” said Preston. “Little Fishkopp represents a sustainable brand offering quality organic products that meet the needs of modern parents.”




About LittleFishkopp

Little Fishkopp was born of its founder Uta Preston’s love for Nordic style and German quality. Preston founded the children’s wear company after leaving corporate life to start a family. The company started with the traditional sleep bags for young ones, and has expanded into a wider-range apparel company. The Los Angeles-based apparel company adheres to the most stringent organic and quality standards.