FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jonathan Lockwood (  Thu., Sep. 30, 2021

MiniStyle Mag to feature Little Fishkopp

Sustainable children’s brand Little Fishkopp Founder Uta Preston announces partnership

LOS ANGELES—MiniStyle Mag will be featuring Little Fishkopp to feature the 100% sustainable and organic, Nordic and German-influenced children’s apparel.   

“As a mom, MiniStyle Mag is one of my favorite lifestyle platforms for children and their families. I love their fashion, decor, crafts and recipe ideas for little ones. I’m proud to see Little Fishkopp featured in MiniStyle,” said Uta Preston, founder and CEO of Little Fishkopp. “Little Fishkopp’s sleep bags are perfect for children and parents alike. They are cozy, they’re aesthetically conscious, and they are premium in terms of production and design, plus they improve children’s sleep.”

In Germany, people have been using sleep bags for ages as a practical way to keep their children safe and cozy while sleeping. They solve the problem of loose blankets covering faces and interfering with breathing. They can’t be kicked off so they stay secure, but they allow free movement to prevent overheating. Zipping the bag becomes a signal that it is in fact bedtime.

Little Fishkopp’s product line has expanded to include other children’s apparel. They are 100% organic, holding a  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification and they are sustainably packaged. 

“We are committed to giving back to our planet and helping those in need. All organic is not the easiest sourcing choice, and it’s more costly, but we believe it’s worth it,” added Preston.



About LittleFishkopp

Little Fishkopp was born of its founder Uta Preston’s love for Nordic style and German quality. Preston founded the children’s wear company after leaving corporate life to start a family. The company started with the traditional sleep bags for young ones, and has expanded into a wider-range apparel company. The Los Angeles-based apparel company adheres to the most stringent organic and quality standards.