Christmas is just around the corner. We all know the holidays will be a bit different this year. You might not be able to spend Christmas with family and friends, but of course, you still want to give them gifts. That’s why we created these printable Christmas gift tags. They’ll make your presents extra special with unique, quarantine holiday messages. We also included some traditional Christmas messages. Best of all, these gift tags are free to use.

Printing off your gift tags is easy. Just download the PDF file and print the pages. We recommend that you use heavy paper or cardstock. We’ve created the gift tags on a white background, and they come in three different text color options (black, red, and green). If you prefer the gift tags with a different background color, you can just print the black text version on the cardstock of your choice (e.g. red). Your personal note or just a simple “to” and “from” can be written on the back of the tag.

These gift tags look great with simple Kraft paper (my favorite wrapping paper for any occasion!). With a little bit of ribbon, you can create a bunch of cool gift combos. That way you can avoid buying yet another roll of Christmas paper.

Download here: Quarantine Holiday Gift Tags

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Best wishes,

The LF Crew 

PS: We would love to see these tags on your gifts. Tag us in your pics @littlefishopp & #littlefishkopp.