Tog Chart

What is a tog? Tog is a measure of warmth. The higher the tog ratings, the warmer the sleep bag. Little Fishkopp sleep bags are available in two tog ratings.


The selection of an appropriate tog rating is also influenced by the clothes your baby is wearing underneath the sleep bag and your baby’s health.
Additional guidance regarding What to Wear with a Little Fishkopp sleep bag is provided below.

Safety First:          

*Tog ratings have been independently tested by a third-party laboratory in the United Kingdom in accordance with British Standard BS8510:2009.


                                                  What to Wear

A sleep bag is used over regular sleepwear instead of loose blankets. The appropriate sleep wear to use underneath a Little Fishkopp sleep bag depends on the room temperature and the tog rating of your sleep bag. Use the following chart as a guide:

what-to-wear-update.jpgSafety First: